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Curve Finance – “Curve ETH / sETH” Security Audit


ChainSecurity audited Curve Finance’s s ETH / ETH smart contract.

The reviewed project consists of one smart contract StableSwapETH.vy written in the Vyper programming language. It implements a liquidity pool based on an invariant called StableSwap and described in Curve’s whitepaper.

About Curve Finance – “Curve ETH / sETH”

“Curve is an exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum (like Uniswap) designed for (1) extremely efficient stablecoin trading (2) low risk, supplemental fee income for liquidity providers, without an opportunity cost.

Curve allows users (and smart contracts like 1inch, Paraswap, Totle and to trade between DAI and USDC with a bespoke low slippage, low fee algorithm designed specifically for stablecoins and earn fees. Behind the scenes, the liquidity pool is also supplied to the Compound protocol or where it generates even more income for liquidity providers.”